Storm-Busters Clearview®

Storm-Busters® are a revolutionary hurricane panel designed for maximum storm protection on both residential and commercial applications. Our patent pending shutter systems are light weight, extremely durable, and affordable! Storm-Busters® offer a laboratory tested clear shutter system. Compared with aluminum corrugated panels, Storm-Busters®are half the price, lighter in weight and allows up to 95% of natural sunlight transmission. 


Storm-Busters Clearview® Features:

  • 16mm very clear triple wall Polycarbonate panel.
  • Florida Building Code Approval #FL15877
  • Compliant with TAS 201 (Large Missile), TAS 202 (Structural Loads) and TAS 203 (Cyclic Pressure Test)
  • Passed and is compliant with ASTM E330-02 (Structural Loads), ASTM E1886-02 & ASTM E1996-02 (Large missile & Cyclic Pressure Tests)
  • 10 Year Warranty10 Year UV Protection
  • Lightweight - Only 18 pounds per 5/8" x 4' x 8' panel
  • Bug Free - No Termites or Other Bugs
  • Clearest multi-wall polycarbonate panel on the market
  • Comes in 2 convenient sizes: 4'x6' and 4'x8'

             AVAILABLE AT LOWE'S 

Hurricane Screensaver®

Hurricane ScreenSaver® is a new, simple way to substantially increase the strength of all pool and patio enclosures during high winds and hurricanes. Stainless steel brackets are attached to the top outer beam of the screen enclosure. Screw-in 30" steel ground anchors are used to secure 1800lb strapping from the brackets to the ground.  

 Hurricane ScreenSaver® Features:

  • Stainless steel brackets
  • Ceramic self-drilling screws
  • Quick connect hooks
  • 1800lb kevlar strapping
  • Tensioning turnbuckle
  • 30" ground anchor