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General Information

Hurricane ScreenSaver is a new, simple way to substantially increase the strength of all pool and patio enclosures during high winds and hurricanes. Stainless steel brackets are attached to the top outer beam of the screen enclosure. Screw-in 30" steel ground anchors are used to secure 1800lb strapping from the brackets to the ground.

Hurricane ScreenSaver Features:
Stainless steel brackets
Ceramic self-drilling screws
Quick connect hooks
1800lb kevlar strapping
Tensioning turnbuckle
30" ground anchor

Hurricane ScreenSaver Installation Instructions



How many kits do I need?

It is recommended you install a minimum of 1 (2 brackets and one ground anchor) every 15 to 20 feet along the screen enclosure.


The Hurricane ScreenSaver can easily double the structural integrity of your screen enclosure!


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