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General Information

16mm natural corrugated polypropylene panel

Florida Building Code Approved

Passed and is compliant with TAS 201 (Large Missile), TAS 202 (Structural Loads) and TAS 203 (Cyclic Pressure Test)

Passed and is compliant with ASTM E 1996 (Standard Specification for Performance of exterior windows, curtain walls, doors and impact protective systems impacted by wind borne debris in hurricanes)

Missile impact tested for a Zone 4 missile impact resistance

Cycle pressure testing of a negative wind load resistance of -65, +65 psf

Super lightweight, 75% lighter than plywood

Bug Free - No Termites or Other Bugs

Natural in color, allows up to 70% of the natural sunlight

Will not warp or deform



Mechanical Technical Properties  |  Thermal Expansion Properties  |  Typical Chemical Properties

Mechanical Technical Properties


High Impact Polypropylene Copolymer




.681 Lbs per Sq. Ft.



ECR (Edge Crush Resistance):

TAPPI-881 Method B > 276PSI

FCR (Flat Crush Resistance):

TAPPI-825 - 521 PSI

Mullen Burst:

TAPPI-810 - No burst up to 1,000 PSI

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Thermal Expansion Properties

Thermal Expansion Coefficient:


From -30 to 0°C


From 0 to 30°C


From 30 to 60°C

Water Absorption:

at 24 hrs immersion (ASTM D 648): 0.03%

Melting Temperature:

(DSC method): »  165°C


at 75°F Mean (ASTM C-177): 0.078 x t (thickness on Storm-Busters 16 in mm)

Water Vapor Transmission Rate:

(WVTR) at 23° C (ASTM C 209)

Sound Transmission Loss:

from 400 to 12,800 Hz (SAE J1400)

Coefficient of Friction:

Static (COF, ASTM D 1894) @  0.30

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Typical Chemical Properties

Chemical Resistance: Storm-Busters® 16 is resistant to acids, alkalis, salt solutions, solvents, alcohol, water, oil, fat and detergent at room temperature.  Storm-Busters® 16 is not resistant to aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons such as benzene at elevated temperatures and strong oxidizing agents.

pH value: Storm-Busters® 16 is inert and hydrophobic. Therefore, Storm-Busters®16 generally does not affect the pH factor when it is in contact with an aqueous solution.

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Comes in 4 convenient sizes with complete fastening systems (see pricing menu). 



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