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General Information

16mm very clear triple wall Polycarbonate panel

Florida Building Code Approved

Miami Dade Approved #07-0315.02

Texas Department of Insurance Approved #SHU-154

Passed and is compliant with TAS 201 (Large Missile), TAS 202 (Structural Loads) and TAS 203 (Cyclic Pressure Test)

Passed and is compliant with ASTM E330-02 (Structural Loads), ASTM E1886-02 & ASTM E1996-02 (Large missile & Cyclic Pressure Tests)

10 Year Warranty

10 Year UV Protection

Lightweight - Only 16 pounds per 5/8" x 4' x 8' panel

Bug Free - No Termites or Other Bugs

Clearest multi-wall polycarbonate panel on the market

Comes in 3 convenient sizes





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